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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recipe for success

Success has a recipe. Like a great meal, success can be perfected if the right ingredients are applied in the right way. Imagine If you were cooking a meal from a cookbook and you got all the ingredients and followed the instructions as stated in the book. The finished product would be a great tasting meal. Success is the same way. You must follow the recipe. How do we do this? Exchange the cookbook for a success person. Who do we know that is successful? What did they do to achieve that success? What recipe did they follow? Let successful people be your cookbook and follow their recipes for success. Could be someone famous. Even the local store owner whose business is thriving.

Could you imagine if you decided to just go into the cupboard and just took out whatever you had in there and just dashed it together to try to make the same meal without even looking at the recipe? It would not come out the way it should. If you seem to be failing then you must stop your approach and try different approaches. For as sure as success has a recipe so does failure.

Start investigating successful approaches to achieving your goals. That may mean you have to let go of friends who may not share your uplifted level of thinking. The bookstores have thousands of books on success. Buy one and read it. buy two, three if you have to. If you want to be successful then it's better to be around people that will uplift you as oppose to bring you down. This can happen in a way whereas you don't have to do anything other than pursue your success. people whose thinking are adverse to your success eventually distance themselves from you or be inspired by your example to reach their own goals.

Either way start following the recipe from those who are successful and your success is predictable. Much like how a great meal when the instructions to prepare it is followed correctly. So whoever it is that has the level of success that you want. then talk t them, ask them questions. If they are not accessible then research their lives or read their books on success if they authored any. Do the work, follow the instructions and you will produce a delicious dish called Success.